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Choosing the right care - An Informed Choice

an informed choice

At the Dales, we understand that planning around care can be an emotional and overwhelming time. We want to make sure that you are able to make the right and informed choice. We have many years’ experience of working in elderly and specialist care environments. Our focus is to provide nursing of the highest quality on a long-term or short-term basis, and in comfortable, welcoming, and homely surroundings.

Nursing care

Support & Independence


Our nursing home provides dignity and privacy, assisting residents where appropriate with their personal appearance. We provide assistance with all the activities of daily living, and can also look after residents with mobility issues as we have all the necessary equipment, inclusive of stand aids and stair lifts.
The extra mile: Wellbeing - a hairdresser combing lady's hair
Wellbeing - End-of-life Care

A home from home

Each resident’s room provides a ‘home from home’ environment, which allows the individual to personalise their own space with their own personal belongings. Nursing care allows residents to be independent where possible but are supported by staff to their specific care needs. Many of our residents choose this type of accommodation for the excellent nursing care, community atmosphere, and a feeling of being safe and secure.

respite care

Care - Respite Care at St Vincent's

Take a Break

Caring independently for a loved one can be challenging at times and it is important to take regular breaks to recoup. We offer short term residential stays to support carers, and allow them time to rest, confident that their loved one’s individual needs are being cared for by our dedicated staff.
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Day care

This is currently suspended due to Covid-19, but we normally offer day care for those who might be thinking of joining us. This is on a prearranged day, and on a bookings only basis, so please contact us below.
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Palliative care


End-of-life care includes palliative care if you have an illness that cannot be cured. Here at The Dales we can, and will, make you as comfortable as possible. We have a minimum of three dedicated beds for this specific palliative care.
Resident and carer
Resident and carer

Managed Partnerships

We work very closely with our colleagues at hospice care, with doctors, physiotherapists, and other health professionals. Together we can support you with psychological and spiritual support for you and your family.

Close monitored
Care and Support

The Matron and her team are highly skilled and passionate about the care and support they give to people entering the final stages of their life. We can help manage pain and other distressing symptoms. We position the bed head in a way that can make breathing easier. Understanding energy conservation is paramount when caring for your loved one.

Personal care

We understand residents will not tolerate personal care for long periods of time so we break these tasks up into smaller intervals of 15 minutes. It can also be hard for family members so helping to normalize the situation and provide understanding and comfort is vital to the care of your loved one.

“The quality of care is outstanding for my dad, all staff are incredibly kind and respectful.”

Nutrition - a typical meal


We cater for different dietary requirements and provide home cooked meals prepared onsite.
Care - Smiling lady at St Vincent's


It is our privilege to look after your loved ones in their remaining years. And we really enjoy the amazing feedback we receive from residents themselves, as well as their families and friends.


The Dales is a warm and welcoming home for residents and their families as, after all, our care home is their home. All our rooms can be furnished to the resident’s choice.